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Ancient Indian myths are simply amazing, e.g. how the gods and the titans were churning the Milky Ocean of immortal life for its butter "Amrita."
One of the titans, Rahu, managed to steal a sip, but was beheaded before the liquor passed his throat; his body decayed but the head remained immortal. And this head now goes pursuing the moon forever through the skies, trying again to seize it. When it succeeds, the cup passes easily through its mouth and out again at its throat: that is why we have eclipses of the moon.

- ibid
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A righteous person among all people (A) is an equalizer (R); therefore s/he can be used as a role model for another person (X).

R -> A -> Ω
R -> 1 ->  Ω

X -> R

The existence of an ordinary righteous person R simplifies life choices for X because it relieves X from thinking, doubt and anxiety.

Also see the discussion of religion vs personal moral quest ( terminology?) in Homo Deus, by Yuval Harari.
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Before I forget: there's a moment in life of a category when functions have to become functors, and vice versa. We can think about it as if an object is being "expelled" from its mother category and has to become its own category. Alternatively, a category can be "sucked" into another category and become an object. (the video below describes how hermits became monks in a monastery).

Probably this is not new, but it's useful to think about such transitions.

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Even Kálacakra’s yogic practices are woven into this narrative, the idea being that the future war with the barbarians is an outer manifestation of an inner battle against the barbarians of ignorance.

--- Christopher Hatchell. Naked Seeing. 2014. p. 22
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“..the citizens of Delphi were completely terrified, and consulted the god on behalf of themselves and Hellas. The oracle advised them to pray to the winds, because they would prove to be great allies of Hellas.”

Excerpt From: Herodotus, Robert B. Strassler. “The Landmark Herodotus: Histories [2007, 2009].” iBooks.

If you are still unsure about the outcome of the presidential elections this Tuesday you may want to follow the ancient example and pray to the winds.


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