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BEIJING - Singapore and China will further deepen military ties, such as through stepping up bilateral exercises between the two countries' navies and armies.

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Похоже, за время царствования нашего т.н. президента, многие из нас задаром наедятся говна, как герои известного анекдота.
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Характерное рассуждение тупой трамповаты по поводу DACA http://yostrov.dreamwidth.org/337688.html

Причем, первым пунктом поставлено утверждение, которое элементарно не проходит эмпирическую проверку. Не говоря уже о том, что у г-на в голове начисто отсутствует понятие opportunity cost.
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I've just realized that I think about China like Jon Snow thinks about Whitewalkers: the threat is imminent and we need as many allies as we can muster. In the meantime, the red clown in the White House makes us look unhinged and incapable of meaningful leadership. Pence isn't much of a presidential material either. What a waste.
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A headline in US Today plays down the sense of disbelief most asians feel when they hear Covfefe's rhetoric on North Korea.
Asians wonder who is more dangerous: President Trump or North Korean leader Kim Jong Un?

The metropolitan area of Seoul is home to 25 million people and remains vulnerable not just to a nuclear attack from North Korea but to a strike from the massive buildup of conventional artillery at the border just 35 miles away.
In Ho Chi Minh City, Dang Nguyen, 26, an associate professor, said most people aren’t discussing the threat of war breaking out in the region too seriously, but many are confounded by the impulsiveness of both leaders.

As expected, last night Chinese president Xi told Covfefe go fuck himself. Covfefe got upset and decided to impose tariffs on Chinese products. Sure, let's have a trade war, while we are waiting for a nuclear one.

BTW, neither Europeans nor Asians feel confident that the US will behave in a sane manner if a real conflict arises. After Covfefe threatened Venezuela with a military intervention, South Americans had become concerned too. They don't particularly like Maduro, but they don't like Covfefe and his pompous threats even more.
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Sekulow is going to make tons of money off Covfefe:
“The president was not — did not — draft the response,” Trump's attorney Jay Sekulow said on “Meet the Press” in an interview July 16.

Of course, he didn't. Lawyers drafted the response and Covfefe edited the reality out it :)
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Covfefe's never-ending incompetence show makes clowns even out of formerly competent governors:

NEW YORK (REUTERS) - The United States is "done talking about North Korea" and China is aware they must act, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said on Sunday (July 30) after North Korea fired its second long-range missile this month and amid a push by Washington to impose stronger UN sanctions on Pyongyang.

"Done talking about North Korea. China is aware they must act. Japan and South Korea must increase pressure. Not only a US problem. It will require an international solution," Haley posted on Twitter.


Why would China help US deal with North Korea for free? Over the last six months, Covfefe strengthened China's position in the region by pulling out of TPP and making all kinds of embarrassing statements about Japan and S.Korea, both on trade and defense. Now when the US is relatively weak, he starts making demands on strong China, which sees the N.Korea issue as a bargaining chip in trade negotiations. Paradoxically, both Covfefe and Kim help Xi get better trade deals with the US and Japan.

As an ancient Chinese stratagem says: 調虎離山/调虎离山 - Lure the tiger off its mountain lair.
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What's the probability that during the next two days Covfefe will lash out* on Twitter at Russia for expelling 755 American diplomats?

I'd bet $100 against $30 that he won't.

* at least at the level of the tweets against China.
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Now the US is being officially ruled by a military-financial junta.
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Mooch is bringing cutthroat East Coast style corporate politics to the White House. He simply wants Priebus' job and does whatever it takes to get it. Obviously, Covfefe loves the action and doesn't care whether it looks ugly to the rest of the world. What a bunch of cynical self-centered profiteers!

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It's remarkable how the tone and substance of high-level Singapore-China public conversations have changed after Covfefe killed TPP.

SINGAPORE - Singapore and China have forged a strong and mutually beneficial relationship over the years, but even the best of friends do not always see eye to eye on every issue, said Singapore Press Holdings chairman Lee Boon Yang on Wednesday (July 26).

"Even if we cannot achieve a full consensus or reach a resolution on a specific issue, we must not lose sight of the big picture. Our common interests and mutual benefits clearly outweigh such occasional differences," said Dr Lee in a speech.

At the closed-door forum, organised by SPH's Chinese daily broadsheet Lianhe Zaobao, about 35 academics, diplomats and international relations watchers discussed how to strengthen Sino-Singapore ties.

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Given the number and qualifications of lawyers who worked on Kushner's written testimony, if printed it probably costs a lot more than its weight in gold - a true piece of contemporary art.

Speaking of art, I particularly enjoyed the fantastic story of how Kushner's secretary inadvertently submitted a half-completed application for his Top Secret clearance and the FBI approved it without a squeak. It must've been quite a miracle.
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Soon we are going to see the biggest reality TV show on Earth. According to WSJ:
One person close to the president said that he has advised Mr. Trump to cooperate with Mr. Mueller and work toward a speedy resolution of the Russia probe.

Mr. Trump has rejected the advice, he said.

The president’s “instincts on this are that when you get pushed you, double down, and when you get pushed again, you triple down.”

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Unlike Covfefe, Putin knows finances of the people involved in the campaign to make Covfefe the president of the US.

One of the Manafort-related debts listed in the Cyprus records, totaling $7.8 million, was owed to Oguster Management Limited, a company in the British Virgin Islands connected to Mr. Deripaska. The debtor was a Cyprus company, LOAV Advisers, that the Deripaska court complaint says was set up by Mr. Manafort to make investments with Mr. Deripaska, a billionaire close to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia. The loan is unsecured, bears 2 percent interest and has “no specified repayment date,” according to a financial statement for LOAV.


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Covfefe doesn't have the leadership skills necessary to push through a complex deal. His non-stop BS may sound good to an average MAGAlyte but to get things done in politics you need broad support at least within your own party. Obviously, Covfefe doesn't know how to get there. What a waste.

upd. The level of incompetence is stunning! At 7:17pm on July 17 he tweets:

Next morning, at around 6am he finds out that Senate rules don't allow for that.

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A textbook example how a high-profile lawyer avoids a fact-related question and claims unfamiliarity with the case, while volunteering his non-binding opinion on the very same case.

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The transition from "ихтамнет" to "ачотакова" is important because it shows that now the question of the existence of a phenomenon can be answered with a yes. After that we can move the discussion into the realm of value judgement. In short, existence (ихтамнет) is epistemically objective, while value judgement (ачотакова) is epistemically subjective.

Wrt Covfefe, we can see how this epistemic transition causes him and his minions to lawyer up. In general, lawyers are not responsible for the facts of the case, only their interpretations. While defendants and witnesses are accountable for their old testimonies when new facts emerge, lawyers are not - they can say whatever they want, especially outside of the court. Therefore, when Covfefe sends his top lawyers to defend Jr's actions on weekend TV shows it means that we'll hear a lot of epistemically subjective, one-sided legal opinions (BS) expressed with an explicit purpose to play down the significance of publicly known facts. In the meantime, Mueller and many reporters will continue working on getting new epistemically objective information based on the existence of the phenomenon established earlier.

upd. picture added from https://twitter.com/ASimendinger/status/886277453525725185


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