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Given the number and qualifications of lawyers who worked on Kushner's written testimony, if printed it probably costs a lot more than its weight in gold - a true piece of contemporary art.

Speaking of art, I particularly enjoyed the fantastic story of how Kushner's secretary inadvertently submitted a half-completed application for his Top Secret clearance and the FBI approved it without a squeak. It must've been quite a miracle.
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Soon we are going to see the biggest reality TV show on Earth. According to WSJ:
One person close to the president said that he has advised Mr. Trump to cooperate with Mr. Mueller and work toward a speedy resolution of the Russia probe.

Mr. Trump has rejected the advice, he said.

The president’s “instincts on this are that when you get pushed you, double down, and when you get pushed again, you triple down.”

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Unlike Covfefe, Putin knows finances of the people involved in the campaign to make Covfefe the president of the US.

One of the Manafort-related debts listed in the Cyprus records, totaling $7.8 million, was owed to Oguster Management Limited, a company in the British Virgin Islands connected to Mr. Deripaska. The debtor was a Cyprus company, LOAV Advisers, that the Deripaska court complaint says was set up by Mr. Manafort to make investments with Mr. Deripaska, a billionaire close to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia. The loan is unsecured, bears 2 percent interest and has “no specified repayment date,” according to a financial statement for LOAV.


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Covfefe doesn't have the leadership skills necessary to push through a complex deal. His non-stop BS may sound good to an average MAGAlyte but to get things done in politics you need broad support at least within your own party. Obviously, Covfefe doesn't know how to get there. What a waste.

upd. The level of incompetence is stunning! At 7:17pm on July 17 he tweets:

Next morning, at around 6am he finds out that Senate rules don't allow for that.

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A textbook example how a high-profile lawyer avoids a fact-related question and claims unfamiliarity with the case, while volunteering his non-binding opinion on the very same case.

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The transition from "ихтамнет" to "ачотакова" is important because it shows that now the question of the existence of a phenomenon can be answered with a yes. After that we can move the discussion into the realm of value judgement. In short, existence (ихтамнет) is epistemically objective, while value judgement (ачотакова) is epistemically subjective.

Wrt Covfefe, we can see how this epistemic transition causes him and his minions to lawyer up. In general, lawyers are not responsible for the facts of the case, only their interpretations. While defendants and witnesses are accountable for their old testimonies when new facts emerge, lawyers are not - they can say whatever they want, especially outside of the court. Therefore, when Covfefe sends his top lawyers to defend Jr's actions on weekend TV shows it means that we'll hear a lot of epistemically subjective, one-sided legal opinions (BS) expressed with an explicit purpose to play down the significance of publicly known facts. In the meantime, Mueller and many reporters will continue working on getting new epistemically objective information based on the existence of the phenomenon established earlier.

upd. picture added from https://twitter.com/ASimendinger/status/886277453525725185
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Today I've learned another interesting perspective on American affairs from SE Asia. To many people there Covfefe's attempts to cover up and justify his son's actions look like a clear case of government corruption. In particular, calling a 39-year-old head of a billion-dollar family corporation "a good boy" sounds totally lame. The issue is sensitive because of the recent scandals that involved grown-up children of high-ranking public figures in Singapore and South Korea.
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The level of incompetence is mind-boggling.

According to the person close to the legal team, Mr. Kasowitz was kept out of the discussion about Donald Trump Jr.’s initial statement and saw it only after it had been published online in the first Times article.

The original statement, drafted aboard Air Force One by advisers and then approved by Mr. Trump, said only that the Russian lawyer had discussed adoption policy during the meeting, without mentioning that the meeting had been offered as a chance to provide information about Mrs. Clinton’s dealings with Russia. Only after The Times followed up in preparation for another article did the younger Mr. Trump issue a second statement acknowledging that.

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Unlike the Trumps, who are almost expected to be typical real estate sleazeballs, General Flynn took the Oath. Therefore, the Stage 2 (ачотакова) defense might not work in his case.

also see https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-jr-emails-create-short-term-uproar-long-term-problem-1499815143
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One to screw in the light bulb and another to deny any knowledge of screwing.
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"Nothingburger" is an American equivalent of "ачотакова" in Russian. The increased use of the term by both spinners and true believers indicates that we are getting beyond the "ихтамнет" stage in the Sprachspiel of reality distortion.

F: вата -> трамповата


Stage 1 is to deny the existence of the object "an unacceptable action" (aka ихтамнет). Stage 2 is to deny the existence of the "violates" arrow (ака ачотакова). Stage 3 will be to deny the existence of the "Social Norms" object (неттакихзаконов). And further, all the way to denying the existence and mapping to Ω. (ака мыникогданеузнаемчтобылонасамомделе).

upd 2. A good quote from National Review
...I marvel at the ability of some people to defend the White House every single day on this story. If there is one thing we’ve learned from this president, it’s that going too far out on a limb brings out the saw. Poor Steve Mnuchin. He went out on Sunday and heaped praise on this joint US-Russia Cyber Fox Force Five idea that the president blurted out on Twitter. Within a few hours, Trump left Mnuchin out to dry. It happens again and again.

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"... would dare leave Washington without a beautiful new Healthcare bill fully approved and ready to go!"

Only a certain kind of person can say that an ugly political compromise is a new and beautiful thing.
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Хуйло может легко испортить Кофефе президентство, организовав утечку в прессу и американскую разведку какого-нибудь компромата : финансовых, избирательных, переговорных документов и т.д. Кофефе ничего Хуйлу сделать не может, потому что тот и так под санкциями, а на более серьезные санкции Европа не пойдет. Таким образом, Хуйло может вести переговоры с позиции силы.

С другой стороны, Кофефе понимает, что его импичмент невыгоден Хуйлу, т.к. на Пенса у Хуйла компромата нет. Таким образом, Кофефе может вести переговоры с позиции слабости, угрожая Хуйлу своей отставкой.

Устойчивое равновесие (both players are better off) достигается постепенными уступками Кофефе в пользу Хуйла в вопросах, не влияющих на отношение ключевых игроков в Конгрессе и базовой трамповаты в целом. Более того, уступки будут представляться трамповате как выигрыш. И Хуйло, и Кофефе, и республиканцы в Конгрессе, и трамповата заинтересованы в том, чтобы Кофефе выиграл выборы 2020 года.
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The general view in SE Asia now is that Covfefe is a paper tiger; all he cares about is selling more natural gas to the region. He talks tough, but there's no substance behind the words. American diplomacy is completely paralyzed. As America withdraws, China becomes the dominant player both economically and politically, especially where bilateral relationships are concerned. On the N.Korea issue, America is expected to make serious concessions to China if Covfefe wants any meaningful sanctions enforced.

Also, after Covfefe posted the video where he beats up CNN, talking about advantages of American Democracy over Asian Authoritarianism makes no sense. People just roll their eyes and chuckle.
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Let's see how our so-called president is going to handle Kim Jong-un , besides twitting.


Jun. 18th, 2017 11:53 am
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Оказывается, трамповата считает, что низкие таможенные барьеры - это левацкая идея. У Влада в ленте несколько таких мыслителей. Цитирую:
Как сказал френд Минск, голливуд полевел после того как их продукция вышла за пределы США, и сейчас США составляет только 30% их рынка. У компаний Силиконовой Долины точно такая же ситуация - Гугл, Фейсбук, Эппл и другие зарабатывают по всему миру, и США для них - только один из рынков.
Поэтому Голливуд и Гугл/Фейсбук крайне не хотят чтобы против них вводили какие-либо таможенные барьеры.



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