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The transition from "ихтамнет" to "ачотакова" is important because it shows that now the question of the existence of a phenomenon can be answered with a yes. After that we can move the discussion into the realm of value judgement. In short, existence (ихтамнет) is epistemically objective, while value judgement (ачотакова) is epistemically subjective.

Wrt Covfefe, we can see how this epistemic transition causes him and his minions to lawyer up. In general, lawyers are not responsible for the facts of the case, only their interpretations. While defendants and witnesses are accountable for their old testimonies when new facts emerge, lawyers are not - they can say whatever they want, especially outside of the court. Therefore, when Covfefe sends his top lawyers to defend Jr's actions on weekend TV shows it means that we'll hear a lot of epistemically subjective, one-sided legal opinions (BS) expressed with an explicit purpose to play down the significance of publicly known facts. In the meantime, Mueller and many reporters will continue working on getting new epistemically objective information based on the existence of the phenomenon established earlier.

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