Jul. 16th, 2017

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The opening scene in Americans S0505 is great; tech geeks would really appreciate it.

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I'm now stuck on this definition.

How can I construct a simple topos to work through the definition?

Let's start with (4) and say that B represents various kinds of sports games; S - a particular game of sports, e.g. football; 1 stands for the rules; Ω - truth table to determine the nature of the game.

Looking at (5), let PB be the score; that is, each game has a score according to the official rules. B -> PB.

Let A be a bet on the outcome of a game. g: A -> PB.

What's BxA? It looks like a matrix of games and related bets. Using f: BxA -> Ω, we can determine whether the bet was legit.

What's BxPB? It looks like a matrix of games and scores. Using epsilon: BxPB -> Ω we can determine whether the score was legit.

In this topos we can say that a unique function g maps all bets to legitimate scores.

Does this make sense?
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A textbook example how a high-profile lawyer avoids a fact-related question and claims unfamiliarity with the case, while volunteering his non-binding opinion on the very same case.

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Есть люди, которые делят идеи на правые и левые. Наверное потому, что у этих людей есть правая и левая рука, правая и левая нога, правое и левое ухо, и т.д.
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The entire field of Law (A) and Economics (B) must have a topos structure f: BxA -> Ω, etc, with the efficiency criteria being the terminal object S->B; S->1; B->Ω. Since market mechanisms may not apply here, we can use the theory of Firm (e.g transaction costs) to establish a different criteria. Actually, such a topos would work with any mechanism for establishing an efficiency criteria. For now, we can assume that it's exogenous.

upd. I wonder whether it's even theoretically possible to have market-efficient healthcare laws. Singapore would probably make an interesting test case.
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Дайте, пожалуйста, примеры сказок или популярных фильмов/историй, где герой ищет лекарство, чтобы кого-то вылечить/расколдовать. Чем больше примеров, тем лучше.



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