Jul. 11th, 2017

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"Nothingburger" is an American equivalent of "ачотакова" in Russian. The increased use of the term by both spinners and true believers indicates that we are getting beyond the "ихтамнет" stage in the Sprachspiel of reality distortion.

F: вата -> трамповата


Stage 1 is to deny the existence of the object "an unacceptable action" (aka ихтамнет). Stage 2 is to deny the existence of the "violates" arrow (ака ачотакова). Stage 3 will be to deny the existence of the "Social Norms" object (неттакихзаконов). And further, all the way to denying the existence and mapping to Ω. (ака мыникогданеузнаемчтобылонасамомделе).

upd 2. A good quote from National Review
...I marvel at the ability of some people to defend the White House every single day on this story. If there is one thing we’ve learned from this president, it’s that going too far out on a limb brings out the saw. Poor Steve Mnuchin. He went out on Sunday and heaped praise on this joint US-Russia Cyber Fox Force Five idea that the president blurted out on Twitter. Within a few hours, Trump left Mnuchin out to dry. It happens again and again.

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Reading McLane & Moerdijk helped me understand that in CT objects don't matter. In most introductory CT books their authors go out of their way to say that CT can handle many useful objects, including sets, etc. In ML&M they cut through the chase in their Categorical Preliminaries

It's clear that object C works in the axioms as a placeholder, it is used briefly to denote any kind of object. What really matters is the structure of functions and rules to construct them.
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He said: "The sums I have seen that they propose to demand from this country appear to be extortionate."
"Go whistle seems to me to be an entirely appropriate expression," he added.


I've never seen this euphemism for "go fuck yourself" before.
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One to screw in the light bulb and another to deny any knowledge of screwing.
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Unlike the Trumps, who are almost expected to be typical real estate sleazeballs, General Flynn took the Oath. Therefore, the Stage 2 (ачотакова) defense might not work in his case.

also see https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-jr-emails-create-short-term-uproar-long-term-problem-1499815143


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