May. 15th, 2017

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After four months of the Trump administration, we can see that our so-called president is making all the standard moves that a CEO of a private corporation would make in a hostile takeover:

- declares previous management grossly incompetent;
- fires most senior staff;
- instructs his lawyers to issue legally plausible justifications for the firings;
- hires loyalists into key positions;
- exaggerates own successes;
- borrows more capital, citing new "improved" valuations (this is the major element of his tax reform);

Unfortunately for Trump and for the country, the United States of America is not a private corporation. Her citizens are not employees; her judges are not the legal department; her press is not corporate PR; her economy is not a command-and-control structure reporting to the CEO; her trade is a diverse complex system that, unlike a corporate balance sheet, doesn't boil down to a single number in the balance of trade calculations. It's not just "complicated", as in "Healthcare is complicated." Rather, it's different, i.e. it's complicated in a way that neither Trump, nor his appointees from the private sector have anticipated. Their experience and success as businessmen don't translate into experience and success of statesmen.


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