Mar. 9th, 2017

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... the fastest-growing jobs are dominated by women, while the fastest-shrinking ones are predominately male.
Men’s movement into low-skilled women’s jobs since 2000 is partly a result of the hollowing out of middle-skill jobs in fields like clerical and manufacturing work, which was described by the economist David Autor. Women were hit harder — female employment in those jobs fell 16 percent from 1979 to 2007, compared with 7 percent for men. But women almost uniformly moved into high-skill jobs, while men were more likely to move into low-skill, low-paying jobs.

Trump voters must feel really threatened by women.
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The notion that an economically mature technology can be modeled as a free monoid is trivial because the technology is going to be completely described and communicated by standardized instructions (mechanical, logical, verbal, etc.), wherein the instructions are concatenated sentences from a specialized dictionary.

The good news is that when we have an inkling of a promising idea we can imagine how it is going to look like when fully matured. The bad news is that there's no dictionary yet to imagine it from.


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