Feb. 26th, 2017

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A certain pattern in history keeps repeating itself: empires fall when they overextend themselves through expensive long-term commitments. From this perspective, America's biggest threats are Social Security and Medicare.

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Many people realize that testing thermonuclear weapons is better done through simulations rather than explosions. Remarkably, the same people think that testing global warming is better done in vivo, rather than simulation.

In recent years, the development of high throughput instrumentation in molecular biology and neighbouring fields has given rise to a special type of exploratory experimentation that collects and analyses very large amounts of data, and these new ‘omics’ disciplines are often said to represent a break with the ideal of hypothesis-driven science (Burian 2007; Elliott 2007; Waters 2007; O’Malley 2007) and instead described as data-driven research (Leonelli 2012; Strasser 2012) or as a special kind of “convenience experimentation” in which many experiments are done simply because they are extraordinarily convenient to perform (Krohs 2012).

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Cannabis has a lifetime risk for users to develop dependence of 9% compared with 67.5% for nicotine and 22.7% for alcohol52; it may be as high as 17% in those initiating cannabis use in early adolescence and gradually declines with age of onset of use.

A recent study reported a higher rate of adverse events among persons using cannabis for pain for 1 year at an average dose of 2.5 g herbal cannabis with 12.5% THC than that of control subjects, but not higher for serious adverse events.



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