Feb. 19th, 2017

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Trump is a pompous old man who watches too much Fox news on TV and hates when people make fun of him because he acts and talks like a pompous old man who watches too much Fox news on TV. Unfortunately, he also happens to be our so-called president.

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And had not Agrippina prevented the bridge over the Rhine from being destroyed, some in their cowardice would have dared that base act. A woman of heroic spirit, she assumed during those days the duties of a general, and distributed clothes or medicine among the soldiers, as they were destitute or wounded.

According to Caius Plinius, the historian of the German wars, she stood at the extremity of the bridge, and bestowed praise and thanks on the returning legions. This made a deep impression on
the mind of Tiberius. "Such zeal," he thought, "could not be guileless...
Agrippina had now more power with the armies than officers, than generals. A woman had quelled a mutiny which the sovereign's name could not check."

--- Tacitus. The Annals.


Feb. 19th, 2017 05:26 pm
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During the times of Augustus and Tiberius, the Romans paid 1% sales tax to support the empire's military expenditures.
When the people of Rome asked for a remission of the one per cent. tax on all saleable commodities, Tiberius declared by edict "that the military exchequer depended on that branch of revenue, and, further, that the State was unequal to the burden, unless the twentieth year of service were to be that of the veteran's discharge.

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Наверное, статью или пост надо написать о том, как разбираться в сортах миллиардеров. Как ни парадоксально, но миллиард заработанный Биллом Гейтсом или Ларри Пэйджем гораздо ценнее для человечества, чем миллиард, заработанный Дональдом Трампом или Рексом Тиллерсоном. Причем, если пойти чуть глубже в историю Америки, то можно показать, что миллиард, заработанный Джей Пи Морганом, гораздо ценнее миллиарда Джея Гулда. И т.д. Интересно, есть уже такие работы, или нет.


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