Feb. 6th, 2017

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Here goes the special relationship:
Donald Trump has in effect been barred from addressing parliament during his forthcoming UK state visit after the speaker of the Commons said the US president’s “racism and sexism” meant he did not deserve the honour.

Source: Financial Times.

Trump should defund the Parliament!
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395. There is a lack of clarity about the role of imaginability in our investigation. Namely, about the extent to which it ensures that a sentence makes sense.

-- Investigations.

I wonder whether AI is going to have a big advantage over humans in imagining things. Furthermore, two (or more) AI agents equipped with superior imagination can come up with a productive agreement/disagreement much faster than humans. All this comes on top of superior data access, processing, communications, and memory capabilities.
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Further unparalleled glimpses into the heuristics of Greek mathematics are afforded by the Method – in the introductory letter, Archimedes explains to Eratosthenes that he wants to make public the way in which many of his results had occurred to him, so that people can benefit from it and discover even more theorems.

-- Serafina Cuomo. Ancient Mathematics. p. 109.

Paradoxically, the Greeks invented math and science as an open intellectual endeavor, but their conquerors — the Romans — benefited from its applications the most.

On the theory side, the "open source" approach creates lots of opportunities for independent incremental innovation.

e.g. see https://timelets.dreamwidth.org/571455.html


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