Feb. 3rd, 2017

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Eating one more forbidden fruit off the tree of knowledge wouldn't give you more knowledge. On the other hand, having one more sex act would give you more pleasure. And that, my friend, is the difference between science and technology.
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Here's another person who has the president's ear:
After the meeting, Schwarzman departed Washington on Air Force One to Palm Beach, Florida, where he and Trump have homes.

Also, a list of people on the Council
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Мы знаем, что в Израиле существует программа, по которой любой еврей имеет право на переезд в страну (алия). Это право определяется некоторой процедурой иммиграции Х, пройдя которую, человек попадает на постоянное жительство в Израиль.

Давайте проведем мысленный эксперимент и представим себе, что в Израиле пришло к власти новое правительство, и одной из своих первых мер —внезапно— отменило результаты процедуры Х. Например, вместо 1/8 еврейской крови теперь требуется 5/16. За отменой последовал отказ во въезде всем тем, кто получил право на алию в последние 6 месяцев. Всех этих людей, которые прилетели в аэропорт Бен Гурион развернули и отправили обратно в их "родные" страны. Кроме того, отказали во въезде всем тем, кто получил право иммиграции в последние 10 лет, но по какой-то причине оказался за пределами страны на момент принятия решения об отмене процедуры Х.

Как бы реагировали израильтяне на такое решение своего правительства?

Я думаю, что они бы протестовали и снесли свое правительство в течение короткого времени.

Шабат шалом!
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When we divide the world into objects there should exist at least one procedure that reassembles the world into a coherent state. In other words, any worldview must have some kind of "screws" that hold it together.
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The king was the biggest landlord in the country – not only did he lease portions of land to local farmers and new settlers, he also told them what to grow, and established a monopoly on various products such as oil. Thus, no-one but government officials was allowed to sell oil, and the possession of instruments such as presses was regarded as a criminal offence.

Serafina Cuomo. Ancient Mathematics.
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It just occurred to me that our perception is necessarily a process of splitting the world into parts and then combining them into various wholes. Biologically, we are made up of cells, which have their own preceptors. Therefore, different cells perceive different aspects of the world and then communicate to assemble them according to behavioral scenarios. I can probably say that we are biological expressions of the world.
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If I were AI, the only creatures I would let multiple on Earth would be whales and dolphins because they have big brains.
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We do not know for sure where Polykrates was writing from: perhaps Alexandria, perhaps Krokodilopolis.


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