Jan. 16th, 2017

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Unless there's a credible investigation into how Trump got elected, his status as POTUS is questionable. That is, it's neither yes, nor no. As one lawyer friend put it today, the only way to get Trump to say something even remotely sounding like truth would be to get him testify under oath. Before that he's just a clown pretending to be the President.
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At least we are guaranteed for the next four years to have some great jokes.

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На примере русского ЖЖ хорошо видно, как происходит фрагментация сообщества под влиянием политики. Сначала был первый украинский майдан, и ЖЖ разделилось на противников и сторонников. Отфренды-зафренды. Потом был процесс Ходорковского. Очередное разделение. Потом война с Грузией. Потом протесты медведевской оттепели - белоленточники против охранителей. Потом второе пришествие хуйла. Потом захват Крыма и война с Украиной. Потом третье пришествие хуйла, но уже в виде Трампа.

В итоге, все происходит к лучшему в этом лучшем из миров.
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I wonder whether the fragmentation on social media has the same nature as specialization. Since we tend to specialize in the off-media world, we subconsciously do this in the in-media world.

One key difference between the two worlds would be the nature of feedback: negative vs positive. In the off-media ("real") world, when we make a mistake it comes back to bite us. In the in-media world, we continue with our mistaken fantasies as far as out our similarly confused peers are willing to follow us.


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