Jan. 10th, 2017

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Возьмем для примера любой телевизионный сериал (TV show).

Мы добавляем серии (бинарная операция) всегда оставаясь в рамках данного сериала. АxA -> A

Associative property тоже есть, потому что в каждой серии дается синопсис предыдущих, т.е. (1+2) + 3 = 1 + (2+3). Таким образом выходит, можно представлять телевизионный сериал моноидом.

Я правильно рассуждаю, или тут где-то ошибка?
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Given the fact that the institutionalization of private time is a fairly modern phenomenon, it is not surprising that, in professions which adhere to the traditional definition of the relations between person and occupational role, private time is essentially defined as a residual category. In other words, from a logical standpoint, pri­ vate time is traditionally defined in a negative fashion, that is, as time during which one is inaccessible, not involved or committed.

...it is particularly in careers such as medicine or the military that one's time with one's family, for example, is defined in a residual manner.

--- Evitar Zerubavel. Hidden Rhythms, 1985.

It's interesting to see ( in the context of the institutionalization of privacy) how the Fourth Amendment ( the prohibition of unreasonable searches and seizures) evolved into the modern right to privacy.
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Lucretius (Book Three, lines 800-2):
It's really quite stupid to suppose
That mortal and immortal can be joined
And feel as one and act upon each other.

Remarkably, this "stupid" idea became a mainstream of Western philosophy thanks to Rene Descartes.
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Прыгать со скакалкой труднее, чем крутить обруч. Правда, от обруча с непривычки болят бока.
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If we consider hacking being a trespass, Coase's analysis of the problem applies. Therefore, we either establish a rule/negotiation system with low transaction costs, or impose retribution costs on the trespasser.
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In the meantime, I don't think the docs published by Buzzfeed today will be corroborated by the intelligence services. On the other hand, if the Democrats win the House or the Senate in 2018, there will be a special prosecutor to investigate Trump for whatever reason. And there will be a fishing expedition into all kinds of Trump's business and political affairs.

If Bill Clinton could be impeached for lying about not having sex with Monica Lewinsky, Trump could be impeached, e.g. for lying about hiring prostitutes in SPb, or a real estate deal in Hong Kong, or some other stupid lie that he'd say under oath.

Trump is an entertainer and I bet his presidency will be quite entertaining.


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