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Putting together an online course is quite different from preparing for on-campus lectures: the emphasis is on enabling students to produce a sustained, independent learning effort. The more I work on the project, the more I realize that online courses in general will only help those who are willing to help themselves but don't have access to the right guidance and materials. In short, online education will disproportionately benefit a small self-motivated minority, not the population as a whole. Asians will probably benefit the most because their motivation to study is high.

Historically, we used to rely on fear and hunger to motivate people. We need a new kind of tools to replace them.
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Given the number and qualifications of lawyers who worked on Kushner's written testimony, if printed it probably costs a lot more than its weight in gold - a true piece of contemporary art.

Speaking of art, I particularly enjoyed the fantastic story of how Kushner's secretary inadvertently submitted a half-completed application for his Top Secret clearance and the FBI approved it without a squeak. It must've been quite a miracle.
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China is now positioning itself as the defender of Asian values, against Western imperialism and demagoguery. For example, https://theconversation.com/why-the-us-doesnt-understand-chinese-thought-and-must-81220
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Историк Российской Империи пишет:
...изложил все гораздо обстоятельнее (вызвав, как всегда, корчи у советофильской и коммуноидной публики...)

С одной стороны, чьи-то корчи (К) не могут быть критерием правильности теории или утверждения (Т), потому что К и Т являются функциями с разными доменами. К представляет собой субъективную эмоциональную реакцию какого-то человека на некие утверждения, а Т представляет собой сами утверждения относительно какого-то явления (Я).

С другой стороны, знания являются nonexcludable goods, поэтому любой человек может получить от них пользу. Не совсем понятно, почему людей может корчить от знаний.

С третьей стороны, мы видим из опыта, что некоторых людей может корчить от знаний, которые подрывают (challenge) их картину мира. Эти люди догматики, которые не заинтересованы в знании.

Почему же ученому приятно, что кого-то там корежит? Заодно, зачем нужны знания?


Jul. 21st, 2017 11:23 pm
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Let's kill off a chunk of old people, increase job vacancies and reduce healthcare expenses. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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Soon we are going to see the biggest reality TV show on Earth. According to WSJ:
One person close to the president said that he has advised Mr. Trump to cooperate with Mr. Mueller and work toward a speedy resolution of the Russia probe.

Mr. Trump has rejected the advice, he said.

The president’s “instincts on this are that when you get pushed you, double down, and when you get pushed again, you triple down.”

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Я когда-то читал исследование, что у мужчин снижается способность к логичным (System 2) рассуждениям, когда они находятся в присутствии красивой женщины. Это как-то можно объяснить биологически - секс, гормоны и т.д.

Но то же самое явление наблюдается, когда разговор заходит о политике. Видимо, политика тоже завязана на какие-то глубокие инстинкты, которые трудно контролировать сознательно.
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...we show that searching the Internet for explanatory knowledge creates an illusion whereby people mistake access to information for their own personal understanding of the information. Evidence from 9 experiments shows that searching for information online leads to an increase in self-assessed knowledge as people mistakenly think they have more knowledge “in the head,” even seeing their own brains as more active as depicted by functional MRI (fMRI) images.


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As it happened, one of Hall's contemporaries, Jacques Plante of the Montreal Canadiens, began getting the notion that being playing goal without a mask was a bad idea. Ever creative, even as a junior player, Plante began experimenting with the idea of a face protector.


Now, all hockey goalies wear masks. Moreover, all college hockey players wear masks and the vast majority of professional players wear visors. How would we predict that Jacques Plante's idea would become the initial object? Also, is it a terminal object too? How should we construct a meaningful category to model that?
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Unlike Covfefe, Putin knows finances of the people involved in the campaign to make Covfefe the president of the US.

One of the Manafort-related debts listed in the Cyprus records, totaling $7.8 million, was owed to Oguster Management Limited, a company in the British Virgin Islands connected to Mr. Deripaska. The debtor was a Cyprus company, LOAV Advisers, that the Deripaska court complaint says was set up by Mr. Manafort to make investments with Mr. Deripaska, a billionaire close to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia. The loan is unsecured, bears 2 percent interest and has “no specified repayment date,” according to a financial statement for LOAV.


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В сети попадаются удивительные персонажи. Mы ломаем головы, как преуспеть в этой жизни, а специалист по инновациям уже знает, что надо просто включить читатель чужих идей:
Причём с новыми технологиями теперь даже не обязательно активное участие поциента, приглашать его ещё куда-то, деньги тратить на конкурсы всякие. Да и всякие жучки-букашки-микрофоны в квартире это тоже уже прошлый век. И даже девайсы прослушивать не надо. Включили за стенкой ЭМ-энцефалограф, и все его идеи, как в открытой книжке.


Схемы ЭМ-энцефалографа и режимы его работы, к сожалению, не прилагаются.
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And the reason for Purdue [offering a masters program on semiconductors in 1960] is most people don’t know that the transistor effect was found at Crane Naval Air Development Center three weeks after Shockley. And it’s the tragedy of being second.

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It seems like Paul Romer makes a certain mistake in his approach to the theory of innovation. He assumes that characteristic function ("the recipe") is given, while it has to be discovered. In short, the set of elements is the initial object, not the terminal one.
Maybe we can think of the set of elements as the initial object, while the free group generated by it represents the terminal object.

E.g. printed book vs handwritten book (different terminal objects built using different initial objects.)
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AR: Well, Fairchild Camera and Instrument was a company that was located in Syosset, New York. It's in Long Island. And it had, other than, when Sherman died the attitude changed a bit. They had a very, what I call an Eastern mentality in that they didn't want anybody to have any options in stock and the eight entrepreneurs who started Fairchild Semiconductor decided individually and together that they would gradually peel off and, and form their own enterprises because they couldn't get any more equity in, and a lot of the people there felt that they should be giving equity to some of the people who had, hadn't helped start the company but were instrumental in its, in its success. And Fairchild Camera and Instrument were, was unwilling to do that. So gradually they peeled off and finally by 1968 there were only Noyce and Moore left.

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Most people who succeed are not very objective or realistic about why. They think it's all their personal brilliance. And in significant part it is, but they forget the luck factor and the contribution of other people and timing and the economy and all the rest of it. People who fail often times are desperately in need of a success. They're smarter, they're more clever about how they do things, their sometimes tremendous egos are suspended in check.


So we rarely will finance somebody at Sequoia who's had an outrageous success. My - my best example is my friend Steve Jobs. We financed Steve in 1977 at Apple. Steve was twenty, un-degreed, some people said unwashed, and he looked like Ho Chi Min. But he was a bright person then, and is a brighter man now. And here was a man that created Apple, and in the creation of Apple helped create the personal computer business. Phenomenal achievement done by somebody in his very early twenties. Outrageously success - successful, and after he - his stay at Apple he then evolved to an individual who was having lunch with the governor of California, then Jerry Brown, who had an apartment in New York City. When I met him he didn't know where New York City was.

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this duality is cast as “facticity” and “transcendence.” The “givens” of our situation such as our language, our environment, our previous choices and our very selves in their function as in-itself constitute our facticity. As conscious individuals, we transcend (surpass) this facticity in what constitutes our “situation.” In other words, we are always beings “in situation,” but the precise mixture of transcendence and facticity that forms any situation remains indeterminable, at least while we are engaged in it. Hence Sartre concludes that we are always “more” than our situation and that this is the ontological foundation of our freedom. We are “condemned” to be free, in his hyperbolic phrase.



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