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BEIJING - Singapore and China will further deepen military ties, such as through stepping up bilateral exercises between the two countries' navies and armies.

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I wonder how they come up with ideas like that.
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Imagine that due to some mysterious genetic disease, all men went extinct and only women survived, reproducing through a carefully designed gene-mixing procedure. Some of these women work as mathematicians and programmers. Since all men are long gone, a certain kind of genius lore has developed, so that all exceptionally smart mathematicians and programmers are now called "men." For example, somebody might say about a particular talented girl, "She's smart as a man" and nobody would take offense.

By contrast, if somebody said the same thing within the same "math and programming" context today a lot of people would be offended. Why is that? What's the difference?
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WP reports on a small research project in India to learn what rapists think (an ungated version in STimes):

In the interviews, many men made excuses or gave justifications for their actions. Many denied rape happened at all.
One case in particular, participant 49, sent Pandey on an unexpected journey. He expressed remorse for raping a 5-year-old girl. “He said ‘yes I feel bad, I ruined her life.’ Now she is no longer a virgin, no one would marry her. Then he said, ‘I would accept her, I will marry her when I come out of jail.’”
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I think this figure is going to be important for many fields outside of quantum physics because it models a system's capacity to accommodate additional energy/information.

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Maldacena discovered that the boundary and the bulk are completely equivalent.... the relatively simple, gravity-free equations that prevail on the boundary contain the same information and describe the same physics as the more complex equations that rule the bulk.

“It’s kind of a miraculous thing,” says Van Raamsdonk. Suddenly, he says, Maldacena’s duality gave physicists a way to think about quantum gravity in the bulk without thinking about gravity at all: they just had to look at the equivalent quantum state on the boundary.


== link thanks to lxe

As a side note, I never thought about the equivalence of information and energy wrt entropy. There's a vague analogy here with Hayek's idea that prices convey information. Moreover, we can think about Arrow's technical change hypothesis as two stage process: productive absorption of information (learning curve) and productive absorption of capital (cumulative investment).
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(via Vlad) An instructive interview that shows how people make mental mistakes by extrapolating technology solutions with "more-of-the-same" thinking:

We spend our time looking for threats against a company. We look for things that might be active inside the company that would cause us concern, and then of course we look to respond—detecting, containing, and deflecting those threats as much as possible while at the same time keeping in mind that our executives and board of directors always want to know what's going on with security in the company.

Generically, every breach has the big data problem. For example, in a malware incident that results in a breach, the malware comes in and spreads across the environment.

When that scope [of investigation] expands, the security team typically has to deal with a sudden increase in big data -- logs, alerts, etc. -- making budget planning critical. Right now I'm planning my budget for next year, and I hope I ask for enough disk space and computing power so that the infrastructure is prepared for future attacks. ... Burst capacity is really critical for the security team who needs to find answers quickly.

Basically, she assumes that data security and hardware capacity/budget are "entangled" linear orders.

also see https://timelets.dreamwidth.org/682944.html

upd: the alleged exploit https://qz.com/1073221/the-hackers-who-broke-into-equifax-exploited-a-nine-year-old-security-flaw/
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В ЖЖ очень хороший физик показал, что неплохой (регулярно хохмящий) математик -
мудак; причем физик сделал это деликатно, чтобы поняли только те, кто в теме.

Тут, как минимум, три learning moments: 1) как не стать мудаком, совершив мудацкий поступок; 2) какой правильный поступок нужно совершить, чтобы не стать мудаком в потенциально мудацкой ситуации; 3) как деликатно указать на мудачество, а не мудака, чтобы у окружающих появился шанс чему-то научиться.


Sep. 10th, 2017 12:06 am
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Levez-vous, monsieur le comte, vous avez de grandes choses à faire.
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I have a feeling that in the immediate future, climate change will enter insurance calculations. The mechanism is rather straightforward: insurance companies will have to raise rates to compensate themselves for Harvey, Irma and other [future] hurricane season losses. Climate studies provide a justification for the increase, e.g. by pointing out the warming of the Atlantic. In the absence of wind shear, even a relatively small temperature change can arguably make a big difference in hurricane-related property destruction.

Will the government interfere on behalf of the customers? If no, the rates will go up, including the climate change premium. If yes, the public will end up subsidizing the already heavily subsidized catastrophic insurance market. I don't think there will be much appetite for such subsidies. It's probably cheaper to accept, at least unofficially, the climate change, than pay for its denial.
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Я бы запретил лет на 40 писать и читать политические новости на русском языке. Вся культура настолько прогнила за советское время, что любой ее лингвистический элемент вызывает гниение (кон)текста.
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Похоже, за время царствования нашего т.н. президента, многие из нас задаром наедятся говна, как герои известного анекдота.
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There seems to be a direct connection between Born's argument and CT.
This root of the matter is a very simple logical distinction which seems to be
obvious to anybody not biased by a solipsistic metaphysics; namely this : that often a measurable quantity is not a property of a thing, but a property of its relation to other things.

In every physical theory there is a rule which connects the projections of the same object
on different systems of reference, called a law of transformation, and all these transformations have the property of forming a group, i.e. the sequence of two consecutive transformations is a transformation of the same kind.

DOI 10.2307/2216882

Developing a new paradigm necessarily involves construction of a new frame of reference. For example, Newton was highly successful at creating new frames of reference for time and space. Born notes it in his Nobel speech.

Newtonian mechanics is deterministic in the following sense: If the initial state (positions and velocities of all particles) of a system is accurately given, then the state at any other time (earlier or later) can be calculated from the laws of mechanics. All the other branches of classical physics have been built up according to this model. Mechanical determinism gradually became a kind of article of faith: the world as a machine, an automaton. As far as I can see, this idea has no forerunners in ancient and medieval philosophy.* The idea is a product of the immense success of Newtonian mechanics, particularly in astronomy. In the 19th century it became a basic philosophical principle for the whole of exact science. I asked myself whether this was really justified. Can absolute predictions really be made for all time on the basis of the classical equations of motion?

* A new default worldview.
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The work, for which I have had the honour to be awarded the Nobel Prize for 1954, contains no discovery of a fresh natural phenomenon, but rather the basis for a new mode of thought in regard to natural phenomena.
Planck, himself, belonged to the sceptics until he died. Einstein, De Broglie, and Schrödinger have unceasingly stressed the unsatisfactory features of quantum mechanics and called for a return to the concepts of classical, Newtonian physics while proposing ways in which this could be done without contradicting experimental facts.

--- Max Born. Nobel Prize (1954) Lecture.


Sep. 7th, 2017 06:53 am
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Тема квантовых компьютеров закрыта; надо возвращаться к теории категорий.


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